Elevate your sporting experience with our expertly crafted Bocce ball, Basketball, Volleyball, and Tennis Courts. At Southwest Greens of Southern California, we redefine sports courts, offering innovative constructions for both indoor and outdoor settings. Explore the unique features of each court to find your best solution.


Transform your basketball game with our cutting-edge construction. Southwest Greens of Southern California introduces specially designed basketball court tiles that cushion impacts and enhance your performance. Easy installation makes our courts suitable for both commercial and residential use, providing a stress-free experience.


Experience the thrill of tennis on our artificial grass surfaces that mirror the authenticity of real grass courts. Southwest Greens of Southern California delivers outdoor and indoor tennis courts that maintain pristine conditions year-round without the hassle of regular maintenance. Ideal for both residential and commercial sites.


Immerse yourself in the excitement of volleyball with our custom-designed courts. Whether indoor or outdoor, Southwest Greens of Southern California offers maintenance-free surfaces with dimensions tailored to your preferences. Perfect for residential and commercial applications, installing a backyard court today brings the joy of volleyball to your space.


Southwest Greens of Southern California provides indoor and outdoor courts with true and consistent rolls for enthusiasts seeking the best of bocce ball play. Our installations cater to both commercial and residential needs, allowing customization to fit your available space. Explore the excellence of bocce ball on a court designed for enthusiasts.


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