At Southwest Greens, we understand that maintaining your golf green is essential for optimal performance. Weeds, mud, algae, moss, and roots are all common maintenance items that can affect the quality and playability of your green. That's why we offer professional maintenance services to keep your turf in top shape.

What does maintenance entail?

Organic Matter Removal
We ensure the removal of any organic matter like weeds or grasses that may have emerged on the turf for a clean appearance. 

Moss and Algae Treatment
Address any moss or algae buildup on the putting surface using specialized treatments to maintain ideal playing conditions.

Cup Cleaning
Thoroughly clean the cups to maintain their integrity and functionality.

Deep Cleaning
Utilize power rakes for deep cleaning in cases where moss and algae are deeply rooted, ensuring a thorough clean.

Infill Leveling

Top off the infill to the appropriate levels for a consistent and true putting surface, using Black and Green Envirofill for optimal performance.

Speed Adjustment through Rolling
Meticulously roll the green to achieve desired speed preferences after cleaning and infill leveling, ensuring an ideal playing experience.