April 28, 2022

REDUCING SEASONAL ALLERGIES IN Los Angeles and Southern California

Whereas it’s unproblematic for many of us to take pleasure in the summer, there are many people that suffer from seasonal allergies. Did you know that grass and the weeds that spread in the turf are some of the biggest contributors to allergies?

Based on the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology, allergic reactions to turfs are very frequent. Grass allergies can show in a variety of forms, including nasal symptoms (runny nose, stuffiness, sneezing, asthma, and eye symptoms (itchy, watery/red eyes). People can additionally have skin reactions (hives or skin welts) after experience of turfs, though this is much less common. Turf allergies are widespread since turf pollen spreads in the air, which is contrary to the pollen that carried by bugs, so you are sure to breathe it in and therefore develop symptoms. In nearly all regions of the United States, including Los Angeles and Southern California, grass usually pollinates in the late spring season (April through early June).

If you’re among the multitudes afflicted from recurrent allergies, synthetic grass could help alleviate some of your symptoms without the requirement of pharmaceuticals. Look down to find more.


Well, it varies. Not everybody is allergic to only turf. Many are allergic to the pollen that bushes and herbs propagate, too. The main frequent allergy to grass is called hay fever. If you’ve gotten sick with hay fever before, you know just how miserable it can be. It may be hard to avoid grass allergens totally, but you will definitely reduce your susceptibility by getting rid of the natural turf on your property.

When you change your natural turf backyard to artificial grass, the pollen count will be notably reduced. Whilst there can still be pollen in the proximity from bushes and herbs, grass pollen generation will be suppressed in your proximate environs.


Does your dog is afflicted with allergies, too? It’s turning more frequent for dogs to develop pollen allergies nowadays. They will have the same symptoms you might go through, like sternutation and watery eyes. Allergy medications can turn your dog dazed, so they won’t behave congruent when the pollen count is high.

It’s an usual mistaken belief that you can’t buy synthetic turf if you have dogs. But we’re here to prove to you that isn’t true! If you own pets, you can acquire pet-specific turf that is made only for your dog. Artificial turf for dogs will bring you the greatest efficiency for busy areas and is made with a singular backing system so urine can pass through rapidly. Poop is kid stuff to clear up, too — simply let it harden before clearing it and scatter with a nozzle for whatever that might be left behind.


Low Maintenance: Synthetic turf doesn’t require the equivalent extent of safeguarding that traditional turf does. You won’t have to cut, trim, fertilize, or water. This contributes to stop allergies and other respiratory illnesses in their course given that there’s no fine powder or floating toxins from the grass itself.

Long-Lasting: When you acquire reliable artificial grass, you can trust it to be long-lasting. At Southwest Greens, we develop our turf with the most cutting-edge materials available. It’s UV-resistant and designed to endure heavy use, extreme weather, and temperature changes. So whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter, your grass will always be green and fresh-looking.

Saves Water: With water deficit getting a more notable issue for arid zones, artificial turf is a great choice to reduce your water expenditure. Did you know that about ⅓ of all housing water expenditure (which sums among 9 billion gallons daily) is geared toward landscape watering? So if you’re tired of irrigating your garden and paying high prices to do it, synthetic grass is the ideal solution.

Reduces Pollution: Synthetic turf doesn’t need the same harsh substances that natural grass needs to look its best. Therefore, it gets rid of the use of herbicides and pesticides, which implies you and your loved ones (pets included) will not be vulnerable to as many contaminating chemicals. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about those chemicals going through water systems through severe rains.


It’scommon belief that synthetic grass can get warm, mainly in the summer when the sun is beaming all day. This is the reason we’ve developed HydroChill®. This innovative technology is added to the turf infill to give a decent temperature reduction of 30°-50°. It functions similarly to how transpiration cools us. HydroChill® holds moisture from rainfall or a quick spray from the hose to apply the effects of evaporation to remove|warmth naturally.

This technology delivers maximum advantage when the sun is most nearby the Earth, as displayed in the solar radiation timeline. The rotation of the Earth is as well behind hourly changes in daytime, thus making HydroChill® more efficient during the daylight part of a clear day when most demanded.


Are you disposed to reduce your allergy symptoms and get some leisure time back? Our expert workforce is ready to undertake your project. Contact us today for a free appointment.