January 14, 2021

Not all synthetic grasses are created equal or for the same reason. When looking for realistic artificial turf for a commercial or residential golf green project or installation, you can’t just pick up a roll of turf from your local Los Angeles and Southern California big box store and assume that it will deliver the same golfing experience as the greens at facilities you play at. Particularly if that turf isn’t even made for golf. No, you need a product where a chip shot will land, bounce, roll, stop, and repond as naturally to an actual golf green as possible. And to get the most out of your investment, you want a putt to break and roll as you expect it to from club face to the cup too. It is not too much to want for your lawn, professional player or not.

The characteristics and qualities to watch for when researching synthetic grass for your golf green projects should be, unsurprisingly, the play features of actual golf courses. Let’s start with landing on the green. When you hit a chip shot on the green, you would expect it to be received by the grass properly, bounce correctly, and roll as intended. Hopefully, towards the cup. That last part is up to you, though. Unfortunately, many artificial grass products can’t deliver on that, failing to provide the same bounce natural grass does. Our products are specifically and scientifically made to be realistic in this regard and provide 20-25% more ball retention than other leading synthetic turf products.

Arguably, it’s putting where the proper roll, aim, and true golf ball action become even more important. How could you possibly improve putt consistency if you are putting on a low-quality turf that does not have natural action? Regardless of whether you struggle with cut-throughs, spin, shoving, putter release, or even recovering from missed putts, authentic golf ball action is important. Practicing your aim and routine on a synthetic golf green that doesn’t meet the same standard as the greens at the course might be more detrimental to your game than good for it. If you’re hoping to improve your putting, you want to find a realistic artificial grass developed for golf. Our synthetic grass for golf isn’t only designed to this end; many players you’ve heard of stand by it.

When you understand that synthetic golf greens are not simply made for residential backyard putting greens but are also commonly used at lots of your favorite professional golf courses, you may be curious about how the pros feel about golfing on it. Well, 55 plus PGA golf icons, such as Jack Nicklaus, Rickie Fowler, Annika Sörenstam, and Hale Irwin stand by the high quality of Southwest Greens of Southern California’s artificial grass products. A lot of professional courses use our synthetic grass for their putting greens so they can save money and for the high quality of superior synthetic turf, including Top of the Rock Golf Course in Missouri and The Hong Kong Golf and Tennis Academy. While you’ll see that our products make excellent turf for residential properties, they're also used by many commercial customers. Google, Bently, Samsung, Peter Miller, and The Waldorf Astoria, are a few examples of consumers that believe in our products.

Our artificial grass is the best quality around, no doubt. That’s why we’ve been awarded Golf Digest's Best Synthetic Putting Greens award from 2016-2020. If you are a seasoned golfer or beginner, or even a commercial consumer, Southwest Greens of Southern California’s quality artificial grass is the best choice for realistic bounce, aim, and roll on artificial grass.